Painting for Fall

Summer heat and Autumn rains can lead to a muggy day but it means that Fall is just around the corner. Fall is the season of change and preparation. The world changes from green to soft yellows, oranges, and browns before shedding their leaves like a coat! The colors of Fall are warm and vibrant, Reds, Oranges, Yellows, and Browns. Together, these colors can warm a room and draw it in so it feels more cozy.

You can capture little glimpses of Fall in your home with a mixture of bold deep earthy colors like Tawny Rose (2173-20) alongside more gentle accents of slightly gray-green Dry Sage (2142-40). For a primary color, you might try a more soothing yellow, like Pale Straw (2021-70) to warm a room or for a more cloudy look, Color Trend’s Metropolitan (AF-690). Mixing vivid colors like an accent of Tawny Rose with Metropolitan can help guests feel like they are walking through cool forests as the leaves change and fall.

Painting with Fall colors draws your rooms in and warms them. Capturing that autumn feel could be adding a cozy rustic feeling to your living and dining room or just creating an escape into the changing forests in a bedroom. As the holidays come closer, now is a great time to prepare an inviting statement for your guests. If you’re looking for other ideas for Fall, come check out your local Mallory Paint Store and talk to our color experts! Our friendly staff can help plan a palette or color match that perfect shade of changing leaves you saw on the way home!

Color Trends: Using Metropolitan (AF-290)

The Color Trends for 2019, Metropolitan (AF-290), is a sophisticated and cultured color to help define your year. The warm grey tones give a sense of calm and poise, a purpose to a room’s atmosphere that you can capture too in your latest project!

Metropolitan as the primary color for a room will evoke its the feeling of effortless refinement. Such a warm soft color is highly adaptable and lets the trim and accents speak volumes. A living room can use a brighter white for its trim, such as Decorator’s White (OC-149) to give a more pure contrast with the warm color. Offset it the whites with a bold accent, a touch of a Black Pepper (2130-40), for soft shadows. This trio of colors will give guests a sensation of sophistication the moment they enter!

For a smaller room, such as an office or bedroom, consider using Metropolitan to contrast a more bold color. A deep green like Beau Green (2054-20) will cool a room and give it hints of deep water. Using Metropolitan as an accent, such as the entry, can ground the deep greens and draw out visions of a city by the sea, balanced and harmonious. For trim, Cloud White (OC-130) to catch the city skyline.

You can find all of these colors in the Color Trends 2019 Palette, and, by visiting your local Mallory Paint Store. Our color experts can help you find the right message to send with your latest project and ensure you get it done perfect, the first time.

Faux Painting: Sponging

Faux painting or faux finishing is the term for a stylized decorative finish that is textured to mimic a material. Faux (fake in french) painting is often used to mimic marble, wood, stucco, or even add a metallic finish. Faux painting can take a lot more time and labor but the results can be breathtaking. Most often this is done using glazes, a semi-transparent or transparent top layer that alters the appearance of the underlying colors.

Sponge painting or sponging is probably the most common and easiest form of faux painting to start out with. Sponging disrupts the normally solid color with a chaotic pattern that can catch the eye.

To use sponging you’ll be applying glaze over top an existing color, and relying on the contrast between the two to draw the eye. These colors may be similar, using a darker tone for a soft blend, or, you can use contrasting colors for a much more bright and bold approach!

Sponging is straight forward: Simply dip your sponge into the glaze and lightly apply it to the wall. Make sure to avoid any sort of pattern to how you dab the sponge. Try to be sure to use the same amount of paint and pressure to keep it consistent throughout!

You can apply multiple colors through sponging, layering each one atop the other for a more complex and deep appearance! With a white base, you might try applying different colors of blue in layers to give the appearance of a cloudy sky with blue patches peaking through!

As always, you can find the supplies, tools, and, more ideas for Faux painting at your local Mallory Paint Store! Our staff can help you get find the right colors to help your living room capture that forested look, or, give your home office a rocky mountain amidst the clouds feel!

Preparing For Summer

The Spring rains are slowly giving way to Summer skies here in the pacific northwest! Warm mornings and toasty afternoons are the best time to revitalize your exterior. Its the best time to get outside, whether you want to do small projects like repainting furniture or tackle repainting a shed or home. Summer is a season of passion, excitement, and revitalization. We can capture just a bit of that wild energy with bright colors such as yellows, oranges, and reds. For a more mild summer feel, you can pair these with more mild colors, such as pale blues, light pinks, and mellow yellows.

Looking to capture a little of Summer’s vibrant energy in your home? Try a breeze of cool blue Caribbean Mist (2061-70). Soft blues can open up a room and give it a cooling effect on the hot summer days! If you are looking to make a bold statement, try an hint of yellow with an accent wall of Suntan Yellow (2155-50). A strong sun yellow, yet not overpowering. Small moments of excitement can liven up your whole home, like light pushing out the shadows!

Painting in the Summer is an excuse to get outside and catch some sun! Small projects are great excuses to move about, and, drying paint is a good reason to see the beach or start a barbecue. Whether you are updating your patio table and chairs, or, looking at bigger projects like exterior and interior repaints, your local Mallory Paint Store is there for you! Our color experts are always available, whether you want to get a new color to go with your gold or just to get out of the summer heat!

How Much Paint Do You Need?

Picking your color might be the hardest part of getting your rooms painted, but the first step to painting is often figuring out how much paint you’ll need to budget for. The easiest part is knowing that a gallon of paint usually covers about 400 sq. ft. Primer usually covers just a bit more, but, on average 400 sq. ft. A quart of paint is, naturally, 1/4th as much at 100 sq. ft.

A small room, like washrooms or closets, are usually much less then 400 sq. ft. and will only need one gallon of paint, even with two coats. A single bathroom door wall might be small enough for a quart!
Most bedrooms are about 400 sq. ft. They usually require only a gallon, or, two if you are covering a bright or strong color.

Unusual or damaged surfaces should be primed, but Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne paint is self priming and has excellent hiding so most repaints won’t need primer! Of course, there is no substitute for proper measurements versus estimates. If you have any questions you can always head on over to your local Mallory Paint Store, where our staff can make sure you’ve got everything you need for your next project!

Exterior Wood Maintenance

Keeping your exterior wood looking its best should always be a part of your spring cleaning and winter inspection. Winter freezes can be especially hard on patios, decks, and stairs. All parts of the house naturally degrade, but decks are most susceptible to all kinds of damage from standing water that dries leaving salts, freezes inside cracks and pores, or even just feeding molds and mildews! In addition to keeping an eye out for damage, it might be time to refresh your stain.

Exterior wood inspection starts with a simple look over, keeping an eye out for any signs of damage to the wood or loose boards. Make sure to look out for rising nails, and, to check any joints and connections to the house for a deck! This is also a good time to look for visible signs of mold or mildew, especially any kind of growth or softening wood. Some surface rot might sand away and be resealable, but, it may be that you need to replace a plank to save the deck!

It’s might also be time to refresh your stain to preserve your wood’s natural beauty! Solid stain should be replaced every five years, while transparent stains should be replaced every year! As always, your local Mallory Paint Store’s friendly staff are ready to help get you home caught up to speed. From sand paper to a new bold color for your deck or patio, our Color Experts are ready to ensure you’ve got everything you need to avoid wasting time!

DIY: Sealing a Picture

One of the best ways to refresh your furniture for spring is giving it a new coat of paint, but sometimes you want to create a more personal statement! Sometimes you just can’t find the right color for an end table, or, you are looking to have a bonding arts and crafts project with your family. With a polyurethane coating, you can capture anything from sketches and drawings to a colorful scattering of confetti! Clear polyurethane is most often used to create a lasting seal on cabinets and furniture and to protect from damage, like bumps and scrapes.

For this project, you’ll want to take extra care depending on how sensitive the surface you are coating is. Always be sure the surface you are coating is fully dry (especially in the case of paints and inks). Assuming the project’s surface is smooth, you’ll want to apply the polyurethane with a foam brush, being sure to use smooth strokes and not laying it on thick. With a clear polyurethane, two to three coats are advised, with each coat leading to a more smooth surface.

Just like that, you’ve created a durable and long lasting project! From stencils to sketches, and all sorts of projects in between! If you’re looking for a good polyurethane recommendation, or, just some advice on color choices, stop on by your local Mallory Paint Store to talk to our friendly staff! Our Color Experts can help you with simple to extraordinary projects in your spring cleaning frenzy!