Faux Painting: Sponging

Faux painting or faux finishing is the term for a stylized decorative finish that is textured to mimic a material. Faux (fake in french) painting is often used to mimic marble, wood, stucco, or even add a metallic finish. Faux painting can take a lot more time and labor but the results can be breathtaking. […]

Painting for Winter

As the last of the leaves fall and the air continues to grow colder, we finally approach winter. The holiday season can be a little overwhelming, but, maybe some winter colors can breathe a calm into the home? A nice winter palette can open up the room and give a feeling of calm control. Painting […]

Heat and Paint

The summer heat can be fickle and troublesome when it comes to exterior projects! The intense summer heat can cause all sorts of problems with your projects. The most likely heat failures you’ll encounter are watery paint and peeling paint. The only real answer to these failures is to avoid the heat, either earlier or […]

Peeling Paint: Causes

Many summer projects will involve figuring out what damaged your paint and preventing it. Peeling paint comes in many forms, including the most common alligatoring. Figuring out what kind of damage your paint has taken is the first step to avoiding a second failure! We’re going to cover a few of the more common causes […]