Painting for Fall

Summer heat and Autumn rains can lead to a muggy day but it means that Fall is just around the corner. Fall is the season of change and preparation. The world changes from green to soft yellows, oranges, and browns before shedding their leaves like a coat! The colors of Fall are warm and vibrant, […]

Faux Painting: Sponging

Faux painting or faux finishing is the term for a stylized decorative finish that is textured to mimic a material. Faux (fake in french) painting is often used to mimic marble, wood, stucco, or even add a metallic finish. Faux painting can take a lot more time and labor but the results can be breathtaking. […]

Preparing For Summer

The Spring rains are slowly giving way to Summer skies here in the pacific northwest! Warm mornings and toasty afternoons are the best time to revitalize your exterior. Its the best time to get outside, whether you want to do small projects like repainting furniture or tackle repainting a shed or home. Summer is a […]

Exterior Wood Maintenance

Keeping your exterior wood looking its best should always be a part of your spring cleaning and winter inspection. Winter freezes can be especially hard on patios, decks, and stairs. All parts of the house naturally degrade, but decks are most susceptible to all kinds of damage from standing water that dries leaving salts, freezes […]